Converge International - Mental Fitness - Page 9

FIVE practical activities to
build mental fitness
1. Take a walk in the park for 30
Take time to notice the natural world. Pay close attention
to your senses and immerse yourself in the sights, smells
and sounds around you.
2. Keep a gratitude journal
A few times each week, take the time to think of one thing
that you are grateful for, and even better, write it down, or
put it in ‘Notes’ on your phone, so you can reflect upon
the broader context of your life over time. Maybe post this
on social media as a way to add positivity into the world
(but try to avoid turning your gratitude into an opportunity
to brag!)
3. Find a charity or community
group to volunteer at regularly.
Not only will this allow you to serve others, but it is also a
great way to increase your social network. You might look
for a group that is serving those in your neighbourhood
who are having to socially isolate but need assistance
with groceries or deliveries. Social media can help you get
in touch with groups like these.


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