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The first “spirit” factor is a connection
with nature. Studies show that people
who live in a home surrounded by
trees have better mental health
outcomes than people who live in a
home without greenery or easy
access to it.
Social networks are a key factor in
mental fitness. Research into social
connections shows that having at
least four people who you feel able to
talk to about very personal things is a
protective factor for mental resilience.
The second factor is the ability to find
meaning and purpose in the work
you do. Whether that work is full-time,
part-time, paid or unpaid. This is not
about how “fulfilling” or interesting
your job is. It is how well it provides a
sense of purpose in your life.
The final factor for mental fitness is
giving. Giving time and money, as
well as going out of your way to serve
others with acts of kindness, is more
important for your wellbeing than
‘looking after yourself’, as studies
have shown time and time again.


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