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Mindset also plays a big role in mental
fitness. Cultivating a positive
mindset isn’t about denying reality.
It’s about noticing positive things,
even in difficult situations, and
imagining positive possible futures.
Changing from a negative to a
positive mindset or from a fixed to a
growth mindset doesn’t happen
overnight. There are exercises you
can do (see later in this article) but
this is also something that you can
call an EAP provider or other mental
health professional to help you with.
A growth mindset regards setbacks
and challenges as opportunities to
learn something new and change as a
Someone with a growth mindset sees
failure as a sign that there is a skill
they need to acquire and so they
should try again.
The final mind-related factor for
mental fitness is the ability to be fully
immersed ‘in the moment’.
Sometimes this is called
mindfulness. Sometimes it is
described as a “state of flow” where
you are paying such close attention to
your senses or the creative task you
are focused on that time seems to
stand still.


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