Converge International - Mental Fitness - Page 6

The mind and body are a complex
inter-connected system, so looking
after your body is important for mental
fitness. Exercise, good nutrition, high
quality sleep and low intake of alcohol
and other drugs are all important for
mental fitness.
Exercise doesn’t have to be
strenuous. In fact, as little as 15
minutes of gentle exercise can be
beneficial for mental fitness. Nutrition
means eating good, wholesome food.
It’s not about dieting. In fact, cutting
quantities is not especially important
for mental fitness. But eating a
“Mediterranean diet” has been shown
to have positive effects on mental
health. So stock up on loads of
nutritious fresh vegetables, lean meat
and fish, fruit and whole grains.
Getting good sleep is also crucial and
this will be easier if you cut down on
alcohol, tobacco and any other drugs
(prescription or otherwise).
Mediterranean diet includes tomatoes,
plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables,
whole grains, small quantities of meat,
plenty of fish, olive oil, yoghurt, milk and
small amounts of cheese. Think hearty
soups with wholegrain bread – not


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