Converge International - Mental Fitness - Page 5

What is it and why is
it so important?
The beginning of the story with
much more to come…
Fitness is a science. Cardio-vascular
exercise at certain sustained heart
rates leads to physical fitness.
Resistance exercises lead to strength
and muscular development.
Some people start off with genetic
advantages – they find it easier to get
fit and stay fit. But no matter who you
are, it’s always possible to improve
the physical fitness of your body. The
science is clear and tells us what to
Mental fitness is a science too. But
how many of us know what we have
to do to maintain high levels of mental
Genetics plays a role in mental fitness
just as it does in physical fitness.
Some people’s innate personality
traits make it easier for them to feel
happier and be more resilient.
No matter whether you are normally
cheerful and positive or whether you
find maintaining wellbeing more
difficult, there are exercises and
activities you can do to maximise your
mental fitness.


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