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Mindfulness to Increase your Mental Fitness:
Body Scan Exercise
To finish off, let’s try out a practical and popular mindfulness exercise.
Sit in a chair so that your spine is upright and balanced but relaxed.
When your body is symmetrical, allow your eyes to close gently. Move
your attention gently through each step.
Start to bring your awareness to your feet. Noticing and observing all
the sensations and relaxing the muscles of the feet.
Now move your awareness up through your legs, past your knees, your
thighs, to the very top of your hips. Feeling the length and volume of
both of your legs. If there is tension let the muscles relax.
Moving your awareness through your stomach, your chest, your back,
and to the top of your shoulders. Notice with curiosity, the sensations in
your shoulders. Notice if they are tense and tight, or feeling relaxed and
light. Relax the muscles as you go where you can.
Start to move your attention down through your arms, past your elbows
and wrists, to the tips of your fingers, noticing all the sensations.
With awareness, moving your attention up through your face, to the
very top of your head, noticing how your facial muscles feel. If you can
relax the muscles of your face and head, do so.
Now scan your body from head to toe whilst sitting on the chair. Notice
all the sensations and feelings in your body.
So, from this brief exploration of mindfulness and insight into a couple of
simple exercises designed to increase mindfulness, be more confident to
give it a go and see where or how it might enrich your life in some way.
If you’re interested in training or
coaching in how to build
mindfulness as an individual or
whole team, contact your Client
Relationship Manger, or simply
call 1300 687 633, or email


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