Converge International - Mental Fitness - Page 45

You open your inbox to find the 300
unread emails you’ve been ignoring. You
remember a mindfulness tool you read
about in a magazine and decide to give it
a go. You move your attention to the
awareness of the movement of your
breath, next to the sensations in your
body, to the surrounding environment
and the thoughts arising in your mind.
You are aware of these thoughts without
judgment, refrain from thinking negatively
about the time needed to read all or
ruminating about how many emails need
a response and letting the others go. The
repeated focusing of your attention on
the awareness of the present moment is
the practice of mindfulness.
Mindfulness-based exercises like this
one have been widely acknowledged for
their positive impact on the human
psyche thus driving the exponential
growth of interest and research into the
practice of mindfulness.


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