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Kindness shouldn’t only appear when times
are difficult. It should also appear when
someone experiences success.
Kindness fully embraces and celebrates other
people’s achievements, regardless of self.
Kindness is being openly happy for others
when they have that win.
Kindness is also being truthful in a useful and
gentle way to enable others to be more than
they are, more than they were before the
I’m sure you can think of a lot more ways to
be kind to your family, friends and team. As a
leader or a team member, one of the greatest
gifts you can give to your team members and
peers is kindness.
For me, kind is not just a four-letter word. Its
depth is profound, with the power to mobilise,
enable and energise. Kindness is one of the
core competencies every leader and human
should have – and it is critical to create a
better tomorrow for everyone.
So, the next time you’re being kind, and
someone offers you that old idiom, ‘you’re too
kind’, stop, smile at them and offer another
perspective – that it’s impossible to be too
This article has been written by Andrew Deering who has written about kindness in his recently released book
“Create the SHIFT – Book 1: You”.
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