Converge International - Mental Fitness - Page 42

And don’t forget the power of random, what
we might consider ‘soft’, acts of kindness.
They appear soft, but they go a long way
towards boosting morale, productivity and
engagement – for example;
Making someone a cup of coffee,
Surprising a team member with a birthday
Holding the elevator door open for
Relaying positive feedback to someone if
they didn’t hear it firsthand,
Even the wonderfully simple act of
These things not only make others feel good;
they make us feel good too. In fact, research
shows that being kind triggers neurological
responses that strengthen our resilience in
the face of challenge.
On the other side, kindness is also choosing
not to do certain things. Choosing not to
gossip. Choosing not to shirk tasks or
situations because they’re uncomfortable.
Choosing not to call people out publicly on
their errors. Choosing not to step back when
people ask for assistance.


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