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Getting Kind-Fit
There are many ways to practise being kind
to support our mental fitness. They all begin
with a willingness to open our eyes and notice
the people around us.
Who has a need, who is suffering, who
requires support?
You don’t have to be Mother Teresa. Kindness
can be as simple as a thoughtful word, a smile,
opening a door, carrying a load or patting
someone on the back.
There are many other ways we can apply
kindness in the workplace and at home.
Try these for a start:
Celebrate others’ achievements.
Tell someone how important they are to
the organisation or us.
Give honest compliments and feedback.
Deal with issues early and openly.
Thank people for what they have done and
how they have helped us.
Set boundaries and clearly define the
behaviours we expect from our team
members to set them up for success.
“Kindness in words creates
confidence. Kindness in
thinking creates
profoundness. Kindness in
giving creates love.”
— Lao Tzu


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