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‘Nice’ mimics kind without its
strength, integrity or its meaning of
being in service of a higher
outcome. ‘Nice’ is not even a
shadow of kind. Kind and weak
don’t talk. ‘Weak’ avoids difficulty
and discomfort. Kind steps into the
space and holds it in service.
When ‘weak’ appears, kind adds
strength. Kind and soft don’t
dance. ‘Soft’ slips around the truth
and the real conversation that is
needed. Kind speaks the truth and
gets to the heart of the matter.
What Kindness Is
Kindness is an attitude. It’s a
virtue, a choice.
The Cambridge Dictionary defines
kindness as 'The quality of being
generous, helpful, and caring
about other people.' Wikipedia
defines it as 'A behaviour marked
by ethical characteristics, a
pleasant disposition in concern
and consideration for others.'
This is an excellent place to start.
Let’s go a little deeper.
It uses discernment to hold the
conversations that need to be had.
Kind and easy don’t mix. ‘Easy’
means finding a way out. It seeks
the lowest path, below the line.
For me, kindness goes beyond
simple concern and consideration
for others. It goes to a place of
being in service to others and
what they’re trying to achieve.
Kindness means finding a way in
and staying there until the work is
Kindness carries not just a
pleasant disposition, but a more
powerful discernment.
“If you are kind, people
may accuse you of
ulterior motives. Be kind
— Mother Teresa
It knows when to speak and when
to hold its voice and listen.
Kind is comfortable with being
uncomfortable. It knows its role
can be challenging and
demanding, yet it stays strong and
healthy, holding its place.
Kind acts with integrity. It seeks to
serve, not enslave; provides
healing, not harm. It aims to
resolve situations, even when the
path ahead may be steep.


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