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Mind (Positive Mindsets, Growth
Mindsets, Mindfulness)
On the psychological front, things were very
interesting also. They were communities that
had a fundamental internal locus of control.
They recognised that they alone determined
their destinies. They were, on balance, very
optimistic, and ‘can do’ in their attitude while
being highly self-sufficient and mutually
supportive in their attitude.
They all took time to ‘downshift’, pray, or
simply 'chill out.' They had daily rituals of
doing spiritual or mindful practices for a
minimum of 15 minutes.
Sprit (Nature, and Purpose &
Faith-based communities tended to live
between 4 and 14 extra years’ longer on
Gardens and gardening were found to be
common and important to all 'blue zone'
The Seventh Day Adventist community of
Loma Linda, California, builds weekly
nature walks into their routine for their
entire lives and plan and look forward to
these walks irrespective of age.
Within all of their languages they had
specific vocabulary for sense of purpose,
e.g. Ikigai for the Okinawans. Ikigai, or core
sense of purpose, was explained by some
of these cultures as ‘the reason for which
you wake up in the morning’. Having
meaning and purpose in life was central to
each of the study groups.
Interestingly, the Okinawans did not have
vocabulary for the concept of retirement.
They did activities as they aged but there
was no distinction of a working career and


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