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Other research found that as a species,
humans have the capacity or potential to
live until about 90 years of age for men
and a little longer for women. But, in the US
the life expectancy is now reducing for the
first time and is about 78 years old for both
men and women. In Australia, things are a
little better. According to the recent data
published by the Australian Bureau of
Statistics, Australian men can expect to
live until about 81 years of age, while
Australian women can expect to live until
about 85. It is important to note Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islanders and other
demographic and cultural groups within
the broader population have considerably
shorter life expectancy than this national
average. But what about the gap between
these figures and the human 'potential' of
90 years as a species? What can the
cross-cultural analysis of lifestyle factors
tell us that might be helpful to claw back
the missing years?
By focusing on ‘blue zones’ or regions and
places in the world where people live
longest, the researchers came up with a
de facto formula for how you live a longer
life if you incorporate certain disciplines
and daily and weekly rituals into your
routine, over a full lifetime.


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