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Some ideas for connecting with nature
Take physical exercise in a natural environment.
Walk, jog or cycle through a park. Take a yoga mat
outdoors. Plan an outing or a holiday around walking
in a beautiful environment.
Cultivate a garden. Growing and tending plants –
even in a very limited garden bed or indoor pots –
can be therapeutic.
Care for an animal. You may not be able to have a
pet yourself, but perhaps you can offer to walk a
neighbour’s dog. Or you could find an
environmentally appropriate way to care for wild
animals such as providing water for birds.
Meditate or practice mindfulness in a natural setting.
Concentrate on bird song or other natural sounds.
Pay close attention to small things – the way a leaf
moves in the wind, or the activity of an insect – and
become absorbed in noticing every aspect of the
Practice gratitude when you appreciate natural
beauty. Pay attention to a sunset, or to beautiful
scenery and take the time to be thankful for the
chance to enjoy it.
“It is hard to explain the power of
nature in relieving both my physical
and mental stress... There is little
more relaxing than sitting with a
cup of tea looking at a hill through
a window and hearing the nearby
stream trickle away. There is
something about the quiet calm of
nature that is contagious, leaving a
quiet calm in my mind.”
(Nature and Mental Health, p.3., 2018).Henry
David Thoreau
Rubin, C., (2019, April 18) Oliver Sacks: The Healing Power of Gardens, The New York Times, retrieved from
Nature and Mental Health, p.3., 2018, retrieved from


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