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Example of a
typical day
Breakfast could be fruit with a small
amount of granola (especially those
granolas that have lots of nuts in
them) and natural Greek yoghurt. Or
avocado, tomatoes and feta cheese
(with or without an egg) on wholegrain
toast is another good choice. Dripping
a little olive oil and salt, pepper and
basil on this can turn an ordinary
piece of toast into a great homemade
brunch dish.
For lunch, especially during winter, a
hearty bowl of soup is a good idea.
Soups that contain high protein
vegetables such as carrot and cashew
nut or minestrone and nuts, ensure a
meal filling enough to sustain you
through the afternoon. Adding in some
Greek yoghurt or shredded chicken is
also helpful if you are finding your
energy levels dropping in the late
Dinner time has lots of possibilities.
Seafood is always a winner on the
Mediterranean diet. If you’re not used
to cooking fish, try a simple marinade
like lemon juice on boneless fillets of
fish, season them with salt and
pepper, wrap each fillet in foil and
bake in a moderate oven for about 15
minutes or so. Serve them up with
plenty of vegetables, rice or potatoes
and you could be surprised by how
good such a simple and quick dish
tastes. Other dinner choices include
meat balls, chicken breasts,
moussaka and paella.


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