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How are mental
fitness and mental
illness related?
I understand
Converge is
developing a mental
fitness app. Why did
you choose to do this
versus other options
like a psychometric
We recognise the rigour and multi-year
timelines to develop a high quality
They are absolutely not the same thing. But
psychometric tool and know they can be
they are related. Going to the gym doesn’t
invaluable in the right context. However,
stop you breaking your leg – or having a
we wanted something more interactive,
heart attack – but we also know that people
flexible and fun that would enable people
who keep themselves physically fit live
to keep testing themselves, make conscious
longer on average with fewer health
changes in their life and build new habits
problems. It’s possible for someone who has
that are known to improve mental fitness.
high levels of mental fitness to develop or
The fundamentals to the self-assessment
to struggle with a long-term mental illness.
are still scientifically rigorous but, being an
But it’s also more likely that someone will
App on a smartphone, the whole
develop or struggle with mental illness if
experience is more engaging, flexible and
they have low levels of mental fitness.
super portable.


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