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How do we know it’s
not another poppsychology fad? Will
we still be talking
about it in five years’
How do you know
what your mental
fitness is at any point
in time?
This is where we’ve invested a lot of our
creative energy at Converge over the past
year. We have sound reasons to believe that
mental fitness, like physical fitness, is
I can’t claim that the phrase “mental
fitness” will be in common use in 100 years’
time, though I think it stands a better
chance than many trendy phrases. But I
think it’s hard to dispute that the
fundamental research behind mental fitness
is sensible, evidence-based and will endure.
measurable and improvable. The habits and
activities that protect your mental health
are well documented and we have spent
some time creating and testing a
comprehensive assessment that anyone can
take that helps them measure their mental
fitness and see where areas for
improvement lie. Without this kind of
measurement tool it’s hard to take action.
You may know that your daily habits aren’t
the best - just like a person who sits at a
desk all day knows that they have to do
something different to be physically fit, but
without guidance, you may not know where
to start in making changes. This is
especially true of mental fitness which is
less well understood than physical fitness
right now.


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