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Why mental fitness and not,
say, resilience?
There are many similarities between mental fitness and
resilience, and in fact at Converge we have always been
involved in helping individuals and organisations increase
their resilience. However mental fitness is broader than just
resilience. Resilience measures how well you bounce back
from adversity. Mental fitness includes this but is also about
staying in tip-top condition so that your wellbeing is at high
levels even when no adversity is present. Resilience focuses
on the outcome - getting to a particular level of ability to
cope with knock-backs, whereas mental fitness focuses on
improvement and identifies the inputs that you are able to
control. This ensures you’re improving and protecting your
wellbeing starting from wherever you are now.
Is there much evidence to
support the concept of mental
Is there what! One of the most interesting things to discover
about mental fitness was just how much relevant research
has been done over decades about the sources of
wellbeing and the particular interventions that help to raise
and maintain long term good mental health. Some of the
key findings are in a white paper that I compiled with a
colleague and is published and available for free by
Converge called, “Wellbeing and how to improve it”.
White Paper: Wellbeing and how to improve it

White Paper: Wellbeing and how to improve it


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