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4. Start a new creative activity that you
have never tried before
Using your creative talents can cause you to focus and be ‘in-themoment’. Trying something new and persisting with learning the
skill is a way to exercise your growth-mindset ‘muscles’.
5. Commit to going to bed at a regular
time each night
Try not to become distracted by screens, work or other things.
Regularity of sleep times can be very beneficial in helping your body
get high quality sleep; it also makes it more likely that you’ll get the
quantity of sleep you need as a crucial foundation to positive mental
In the coming months, we will be sharing more about mental
fitness and why it is important for individuals throughout life, for
teams and for organisations to prioritise.
For a sneak peek at our new mental fitness training program, or
powerful data capture and reporting capability for teams of
employees on any scale, speak to your Client Relationship
Manager, or contact


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